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#1967 Webfwt Open Sourced

andy Fri 20 Jul 2012

Today we finally open sourced webfwt - and we decided to put it right in the core Fantom distribution! Webfwt is the browser specific extension to FWT we've developed over the last few years for our commercial software, SkySpark.

Almost the entire UI for SkySpark was built using FWT and Webfwt, so its quite a powerful library. There's quite a wide range of widgets available - just to name a few:

  • A real Hyperlink widget
  • A widget to directly inject HTML markup as content
  • Additional layout Panes
  • HUD style controls
  • Mini style controls
  • Popups
  • DOM optimized List widgets
  • Google Maps widget
  • CSS3 animated Transition Panes
  • Subclasses to FWT widgets (i.e. free form CSS for Labels)
  • OS X Finder-style ColTree widget
  • OS X style Sheet widget
  • Batch FileUploader
  • And more!

Anytime we create a new reusable widget, it will end up in this pod, so webfwt will continue to grow. Some widgets are currently marked @NoDoc since I don't consider the APIs stable quite yet. But things should be in order by the time we roll the next Fantom build.

So if you're building from source, fire up hg and start playing with webfwt today!

KevinKelley Fri 20 Jul 2012


yliu Fri 20 Jul 2012


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