#1973 sys::NotImmutableErr in JS

SlimerDude Wed 25 Jul 2012

class GundamFma {
  static const |Obj| none := |animBlock| { }

gives a sys::NotImmutableErr: Func during static initialisation in javascript. Works quite happily in Java.

Any ideas?

andy Thu 26 Jul 2012

That starts to get into the more advanced type reflection for Funcs - which is not 100% flushed out in JavaScript yet. I believe that is due to #1144.

SlimerDude Thu 26 Jul 2012

Cool - is there any work around in the mean time? Specifically for the use case above?

andy Thu 26 Jul 2012

Don't use const...

SlimerDude Thu 26 Jul 2012

:) D'uh! Oh, yeah! Cheers!

Then again, if they're not const, they can't be static. It kinda goes against what I was trying to achieve, but will work for now.

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