#2125 Tiobe rank

egius Fri 5 Apr 2013

Dear Braian, i love Fantom. But that language in Tiobe rank is falling down just now. The documentation is absent or minimal except for the main site. Solutions:

1) it would be useful to write a book about fantom and you'd be right (i think) with some other big programmer as i.e.: kaushik.sathupadi.

2) if Java is Just Another Vacuum Acronim then, Fantom is a:

(F)unctional (A)dvanced (N)etworking (T)hrough (O)bjects and (M)odules

3) The site needs a new look

4) Fantom needs more libraries

5) Fantom neeeds better integration with Java and Java world.

6) Fantom needs a new Logo! (in Freebsd, was once made ​​a race for the best logo).

Now Freebsd has an excellent logo. 

Regards, dr. Giuseppe Falchi, psychiatrist, open minded.

andy Fri 5 Apr 2013

Fantom needs a new Logo!

What - no one liked "Fanny the Fantom" ;)

These are all very valid points. Unfortunately Brian and I can only do so much ourselves. So this is where the community needs to pitch in. We've seen some great projects recently - but we're just scratching the surface. We need more!

Also, we are mirroring the hg repo on BitBucket now - so if you have a fix and an addition to the core - send us a pull request!

pjl Fri 5 Apr 2013

Re 3/4: One of the things that has attracted me to Fantom was the cleanness and simplicity of the site - followed by the clean, minimalist APIs. (Should say: I'm completely new to Fantom; 24 hours and counting.)

Re 4: Is there a priority list anywhere of what Fantom needs but lacks, in terms of libraries?

Re 5: Just raised a similar point, specifically re JSR-223.

andy Fri 5 Apr 2013

Re 4: Is there a priority list anywhere of what Fantom needs but lacks, in terms of libraries

From a standard library perspective - I think we're pretty comprehensive. But if you're building something for real, you probably need all kinds of "one-offs". I think anyone who does tackle a project should take the time to spin those off as reusable libraries.

For instance, during a few side projects, I've put a number of libs out there:

So just build what you need - the more we do that - the more overlap there will be - and the more something will already be available.

@tcolar is hosting a repo for us - so super easy to post and pull libraries. So if you build something, make sure you post it for everyone:


pjl Fri 5 Apr 2013

Cool. I was wondering where to look for more pods. Perhaps the Doc page on the site should have a link to http://repo.status302.com/?

LightDye Sun 7 Apr 2013

Fantom needs to be ported to other platforms and there is a bright future in the mobile space. It is in Fantom genes to be portable. It would be great if it was possible to develop mobile apps using Fantom whether they were games or business apps.

I'd like to see a Fantom project similar to Codea (Lua based games engine for iOS) either for iOS or Android. Possibly Android is an easier target for being Java based.

Other space that is attracting a lot of attention nowadays is the asynchronous platforms (event-driven non-blocking, asynchronous I/O) like Node.js or Luvit.io. Particularly Vertx.io is a "polyglot" one that, why not, could speak Fantom as well as JS, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy and Java. If this is not a possibility for whatever reason, then there is always the option to start a similar project from scratch written in Fantom.

Fantom also needs to be mentioned more often in forums and presented in conferences or shown in universities or schools.

Finally, I invite you all to vote for Fantom to be added to the Textastic language rank. Currently Textastic doesn't support Fantom syntax and it is (IMO) the best code editor for the iPad.

These are just some ideas. I wish I had the time to start (or even be part of) any of such projects but unfortunately I have no time, nor I have enough Fantom knowledge. I could only help with simple tasks like translating Fantom documentation to Spanish for example, if that may help.

egius Mon 8 Apr 2013

I agree to add a library page sorted alphabetically or by topic to fantom.org (i.e.: www.rubygems.org in Ruby or Perl CPAN) linked to http://repo.status302.com.

andy Fri 12 Apr 2013

Perhaps the Doc page on the site should have a link to http://repo.status302.com/?

I added a link off the home page.

egius Sat 13 Apr 2013

yes, I saw. I hope that the contents will grow.

DanielFath Thu 18 Apr 2013

Question. What rank was Fantom before? I don't remember it featuring at TIOBE at all.

katox Thu 18 Apr 2013

@DanielFath No rank given (this or any of previous times)

The following list of languages denotes #51 to #100. Since the differences are relatively small, the programming languages are only listed (in alphabetical order).

4th Dimension/4D, ABC, Agilent VEE, Alice, Apex, ATLAS, AutoLISP, bc, BlitzMax, C shell, CFML, CL (OS/400), Clarion, Clipper, Clojure, cT, Dart, Dylan, ECMAScript, Eiffel, Euphoria, F#, Gambas, Go, Groovy, Icon, IDL, LabVIEW, Lasso, Limbo, LPC, MUMPS, Oberon, OCaml, Occam, OpenCL, Oz, PowerShell, Q, REXX, RPG (OS/400), S, Smarty, SPARK, thinBasic, VBScript, VHDL, WebDNA, xBase, XSLT

katox Thu 18 Apr 2013

I noted it was missing in the current list. But this was cited in January 2013:

(Visual) FoxPro, ABC, Algol, Apex, ATLAS, AutoLISP, bc, BETA, C shell, CFML, CHILL, CL (OS/400), Clarion, Clean, Clojure, cT, Dart, Dylan, Eiffel, Emacs Lisp, Factor, Fantom, Gambas, Go, Groovy, Icon, IDL, Informix-4GL, J, JScript.NET, Ladder Logic, Lingo, LPC, Mathematica, MEL, MUMPS, NATURAL, Oberon, OCaml, Occam, OpenCL, Oz, PowerShell, S, SPARK, VBScript, VHDL, WebDNA, X10, xBase

So probably the part 51+ is random anyway...

egius Mon 22 Apr 2013

https://github.com/languages/Fantom "Fantom is the #99 most popular language on GitHub"

tcolar Mon 22 Apr 2013

Many(most) Fantom projects are on bitbucket, unfortunately no language stats there.

LightDye Tue 4 Jun 2013

Last month Fantom made it again to the list of "next 50" programming languages in the Tiobe Index :-)

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