#2200 Fantom Source Dirs in Pods

SlimerDude Fri 8 Nov 2013

I have a feeling I know the reason why, but I'll ask anyway...(!)

When building a pod with docSrc = true, could the source files not be copied verbatim into the pod, with the directory structure intact? Similar to how the resource dirs are copied?

As it is, with all the .fan files lumped into the one src dir, it looses a lot of, um, meta information. Programmers like to organise their src files into directories to make their project more manageable and understandable. Assuming a pod is meant to convey a project as a whole (a reason why test src is included by default), then a lot of that conceptual information is lost.

Just a thought.

brian Sat 9 Nov 2013

The goal was really mostly to automate documentation with an easy link from APIs to source. Since the classfiles only store filename, its much easier to map to a filename to a well-known fixed directory within the pod. So the goal isn't really to make it easy to unpack to a src/ structure - more just to reference for documentation engines.

SlimerDude Sat 9 Nov 2013

That's exactly what I thought!


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