#2257 # Comment in Fantom Property Files?

SlimerDude Thu 10 Apr 2014

I was just thinking, to be a little more compatible with Java property files (and associated property file editors), could Fantom property files also support # as single line comment?

// single line comment
# also a single line comment
name = value

Given the # comments aren't valid name / value lines, it wouldn't break anything, would it?

brian Thu 10 Apr 2014

Promoted to ticket #2257 and assigned to brian

Seems like a good idea to me - shouldn't hurt anything. But it has to be a start of line comment (until end of line would be a breaking change).

brian Thu 8 Jan 2015

Ticket resolved in 1.0.67

The props syntax now supports line comments when the first char is the # char.

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