#2346 Table.colAt & Table.rowAt in @Js

Jeremy Criquet Sat 13 Sep 2014

Javascript seems to be missing colAt() and rowAt() in TablePeer, making the functions useless in Table when trying to use a Table in the browser. Yes, I can use CanvasTable but the conversion is going to take me quite a while to change.

Just thought I'd point this out as I'm sure it can't be a terribly huge fix (and if it is, can we update the docs so people don't find this out the hard way next time?)


andy Sat 13 Sep 2014

Promoted to ticket #2346 and assigned to andy

Yes those methods are not yet implemented - I'll open a ticket so we can take a look.

Jeremy Criquet Sat 27 Sep 2014

Excellent. Thank you.

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