#2392 [ANN] Reflux 0.1

SlimerDude Wed 21 Jan 2015

One the things that originally enticed me to Fantom was FWT. I already had a soft spot for SWT because it was far simpler than Swing, and Fantom's FWT wrapper simplified SWT even further, exponentially so!

I also really liked the idea of flux, creating applications based on a browser paradigm and the ability to represent database entities with URIs. Complete with Views and SideBars it looked like it was inspired by Eclipse's RCP. In all, it was really neat!

Thanks Andy! Thanks Brian!

Only I kept finding the flux implementation a bit, um, clunky. I found myself making lots of patches to make it behave as I wanted. Nothing major, just lots of small things.

Also, life is much sweeter when code is run inside a container and a framework such as flux is just begging to that container!

So, wishing to make my life easier and, fuelled by a desire to create a customisable voice driven explorer application, I tinkered with a new code base that's now evolved to Reflux. It takes the main features of flux and takes them further...

Reflux Released!

Reflux is a framework for creating simple FWT desktop applications.

fanr install -r http://pods.fantomfactory.org/fanr/ afReflux

Modelled after an internet browser, Reflux lets you explore and edit resources via URIs. It expands upon Fantom's FWT by adding:

  • An IoC container - Reflux applications are IoC applications.
  • Events - An application wide eventing mechanism.
  • Customisation - All aspects of a Reflux application may be customised.
  • Context sensitive commands - Global commands may be enabled / disabled.
  • Browser session - A consistent means to store session data.
  • New FWT widgets - Fancy tabs, trees, and a working web browser.

Reflux was inspired by Fantom's core flux library.

Flux -> Reloaded -> Reflux

Reflux Example


Have fun!

SlimerDude Thu 22 Jan 2015

Hi, I was just informed by @LightDye that Reflux requires Fantom-1.0.67 to run.

Just another reason to upgrade! :P

Note: as this isn't explicitly mentioned in the Reflux dependencies, fanr will let you download and run the Reflux examples with an older Fantom version. If you do, expect errors!

64-bit users (Windows and Linux) need to ensure they have a compatible SWT library installed. See FWT on 64-Bit Platforms for details. Windows users can download Fantom from Fantom on Windows 64-Bit


brian Fri 23 Jan 2015

Very cool Steve - glad to see Flux ideas expanding. At some point I really want to merge some of my Brie code indexing back into Flux too.

SlimerDude Sun 10 Apr 2016

New version available:

Reflux 0.1.0

Updated to use Fantom 1.0.68 and IoC 3, Reflux now runs in Javascript enabled Browsers!

Reflux in a Browser!


Have fun!

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