#2462 Community Resources List

go4 Sun 13 Sep 2015

Kotlin has a resources list.

I would like a wiki like page that anyone can edit it. The forum is a little messy. The pod repo list by pod rather than project and lack catalog.

A resources list example:


move to bitbucket

SlimerDude Sun 13 Sep 2015

I like the idea of some good looking wiki pages. I only have a few pages on Fantom Factory and I find it hard enough to keep those up to date! So a wiki where others could contribute would be ideal.

Where would you like to see the wiki hosted? For instance, it's easy enough to set one up on BitBucket but I don't think it looks that pretty.

go4 Tue 15 Sep 2015


SlimerDude Fri 18 Sep 2015

Hmm... GubHip pages are much the same as BitBucket.

They're easy to setup though, for instance here's your Community Resources post on a BitBucket wiki - it should be freely editable by anyone with a BitBucket account.

I was thinking that if we were to go down this route of hosting the wiki in a source repository, then I could add a section to the Fantom-Factory website that reads the wiki pages and displays them as part of the website.

Hmm... now I just need a Markdown to Fandoc parser...

go4 Fri 18 Sep 2015

Thank you, I update this post.

SlimerDude Tue 27 Oct 2015

As an update to this topic, I thought I'd mention that the Bitbucket Wiki now replicates to Fantom-Factory.

For example, Community Resources on Bitbucket vs. Community Resources on Fantom-Factory.

The content of the Wiki pages are synced automatically, but if you add a new page you'll need to tell me so I can add it to Fantom-Factory. Bitbucket doesn't supply a means to list all wiki pages, so I can't grab it automatically.

go4 Tue 27 Oct 2015

Cool, glad you still maintain it.

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