#2487 Enabling leapyear app does not load connector app

saurabhjj Tue 20 Oct 2015

Hi all,

I have written some fundtions, and after which I am trying to enable the leap-year app. Post enable, my connector app is not loading and am getting the below exception. please assist

invalid tag/func rec: doc:"check whether the given year is a leap year or not\ninput: number\noutput:boole


[19:49:14 18-Oct-15] <demo> [err] [sys] Cannot add ext sys::Err: Ext not found: fantomExample

proj::ExtDefRegistry.findByTagVal (ExtDefRegistry.fan:61)
proj::ExtDef.findByTagVal (ExtDef.fan:40)
proj::ExtDef.findByTagVal (ExtDef.fan)
foliod::RecRepo.addExt (RecRepo.fan:443)
foliod::Loader.installExts (Loader.fan:99)
foliod::RecIndex.each (RecIndex.fan:218)
fan.sys.Func$Indirect1.call (Func.java:145)
fan.sys.Map.each (Map.java:357)
foliod::RecIndex.each (RecIndex.fan:218)
foliod::Loader.installExts (Loader.fan:96)
foliod::Loader.load (Loader.fan:34)
foliod::RecRepo.load (RecRepo.fan:113)
foliod::RecRepo.init (RecRepo.fan:98)
foliod::RecRepo.dispatch (RecRepo.fan:41)
foliod::RecRepoActor.receive (FolioActors.fan:42)
concurrent::Actor._dispatch (Actor.java:228)
concurrent::Actor._work (Actor.java:199)
concurrent::ThreadPool$Worker.run (ThreadPool.java:262)

SlimerDude Tue 20 Oct 2015

Hi Saurabhjj,

This looks to be specific to SkySpark so you're probably better off posting in the SkyFoundry forum - http://www.skyfoundry.com/forum/topic

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