#2525 [ANN] IoC 3

SlimerDude Sat 9 Apr 2016

IoC 3 Released!

IoC is a fast, lightweight, and highly customisable Dependency Injection framework that binds your application together.

fanr install -r http://eggbox.fantomfactory.org/fanr/ afIoc

Like Guice? Know Spring? Use Autofac? Then you'll love IoC!

  • Ctor injection
  • Field injection
  • Distributed service configuration
  • Non-invasive usage
  • Lazy services
  • Simple API
  • Runs in Javascript!

See frameworks such as BedSheet and Reflux for ready to go IoC containers.

IoC 3 may be a complete re-write, but it's also:

  • Twice as fast
  • Much more configurable
  • Runs in Javascript!

But better than that, it's also extremely compatible with all IoC v2.0 code! See v3 Upgrade Notes for more details.



Have fun!

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