#2527 [ANN] BedSheet 1.5

SlimerDude Sun 10 Apr 2016

BedSheet 1.5 Released!

BedSheet is a platform for delivering web applications written in Fantom. It provides a rich middleware mechanism for the routing and delivery of content over HTTP.

fanr install -r http://eggbox.fantomfactory.org/fanr/ afBedSheet

BedSheet features:

  • An IoC Container - BedSheet applications are IoC applications
  • Proxy Mode - Never (manually) restart your application again!
  • Routing - Map URLs to Fantom methods
  • Route Handlers - Map URLs to file system and pod resources
  • Error Handling - Customised error handling and detailed error reporting
  • Status Pages - Customise 404 and 500 pages

BedSheet 1.5 contains updates to work with Fantom 1.0.68 and IoC 3.



Have fun!

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