#2535 Fantom on Ubuntu 14.04

Amit Joshi Sat 23 Apr 2016

I am new to JVM other then Java languages.

Can I run Fantom on ubuntu 14.04, as such I found that Fantom IDE running only on window /MAC


SlimerDude Sun 24 Apr 2016

Fantom should run on any platform as long as it has Java installed.

As for IDEs, that NetBeans FantomIDE is pretty old and unmaintained, and I'm not sure what state it is in. You may have more luck with F4 or camembert.

Amit Joshi Sun 24 Apr 2016


elyashiv Mon 25 Apr 2016

I have been running Fantom on Linux mint with quite a success. You don't need a IDE in order to run Fantom, just download the binaries, add executing permissions, and add the dir to your path.

Amit Joshi Mon 25 Apr 2016

Thanks elyashiv.

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