#2559 [ANN] F4 IDE v1.1 Released!

SlimerDude Wed 31 Aug 2016

To let you know that the F4 IDE v1.1 from Xored Software, Inc. is now publicly available from their website:


The new release features:

  • The latest eclipse Neon 4.6 platform
  • An embedded Fantom 1.0.69 runtime
  • Alerts when attempting to run code that doesn't compile:
  • Browsable source code from 3rd party pods
  • Full PathEnv support
  • build.fan error reporting
  • Customisable output folder for pods
  • A build output console

And much, much more! See F4 1.1 Release Notes for details.

F4 source code may be found on the GitHub F4 IDE project page. Bugs and issues may be reported there also.

If new to F4 then please refer to the (updated) article An Introduction to the F4 IDE.

Note F4 now requires Java 1.8 (or later) to run.

Have fun!

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