#2590 Pod repo http://repo.status302.com/ has no pods

fraya Tue 17 Jan 2017

I notice that pod repo http://repo.status302.com/ has no pods.

SlimerDude Sat 21 Jan 2017

After reading this I emailed Thibaut Colar (Repo302 site owner) but so far haven't heard back.

That said, the data on the Status302 repo seems to have been restored.

tcolar Mon 23 Jan 2017

Hey sorry was traveling out of the country, I haven't looked at that box in a while and it seem the mongo db files got corrupted, unfortunately I don't have a recent backup, I thought I did. I did restore one I found which is several month old.

In theory I could rebuild the data from the pods since it's basically just extracted metadata, but I won't have time for that right away. Or otherwise you can juts upload latest version of your pod, assuming you don't need the while history.

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