#2618 [ANN] Ask Fanny!

SlimerDude Thu 20 Jul 2017

A mini search engine for the Fantom reference documentation

Fanny Reading a Book


"Ask Fanny" has been packaged as a library, available from eggbox:


It has a simple CLI interface allowing searches to be performed from a terminal:

> fan afAskFanny <query>

The library has a public API should you wish to embed it in your own program. It also contains the Ask Fanny website, which may be run locally.

Because every standard installation of Fantom is distributed with the reference documentation (in the form of .pods), it means "Ask Fanny" is self contained and runs offline.

By default "Ask Fanny" only indexes some core pods, but if you prefer, it can also index ALL pods in your Fantom installation.

> fan afAskFanny -all -webserver

Ask Fanny follows on from the Tell Me About ... forum post.

Have fun!

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