#2635 [ANN] Escape the Mainframe!

SlimerDude Wed 6 Sep 2017

Fanny the Fantom has been captured by the evil Mainframe! Help Fanny escape dodgy programming by avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus cubes.

Fanny must jump and duck through 10 frantic levels in this tense retro 3D vector game.

Can you escape the Mainframe!?

!Escape the Mainframe


Use cursor keys to jump and squish. Hold [ UP ] to jump higher.

Escape the Mainframe is a simple jump and duck game to test your reflexes, rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics. Written entirely in the Fantom programming language, Escape the Mainframe runs on both the desktop and in a browser!

For those who have previously played Escape the Mainframe (I've been tinkering with it for a while now!) note this is a full release, complete with a theme tune and in-game music!

Being written in Fantom, Escape the Mainframe is also available as a Desktop application - downloadable from BitBucket.

For those wanting to know more, Escape the Mainframe is open source and packaged as a standard Fantom pod available from the Eggbox Pod Repository.

Have fun!

SlimerDude Tue 9 Jan 2018

To announce that over the Christmas period, Jason Holt became the first person to Escape the Mainframe !

He jumped and ducked his way through 10 levels to become a true world champion! You can read an exclusive interview with Jason Holt and his achievement on Alien-Factory:

Jason Holt Escaped the Mainframe!

In a separate event earlier last year, BAM Energy Systems held an internal "Escape the Mainframe" competition on their Fantom SkySpark server. Details can be found on the StackHub News page:

BAM hosts Fantom Wars 2017!

Have fun!

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