#2656 ReadonlyErr in Uri.java

SlimerDude Fri 13 Oct 2017

I recently came across this Err in some of my website logs, and I've narrowed it down to:

fansh> `https://example.org/` + `/.`

sys::ReadonlyErr: List is readonly
  fan.sys.List.modify (List.java:1356)
  fan.sys.List.removeAt (List.java:463)
  fan.sys.Uri$Sections.normalizePath (Uri.java:259)
  fan.sys.Uri$Sections.normalize (Uri.java:221)
  fan.sys.Uri.plus (Uri.java:1213)
  shStackHub::HttpsOnlyMiddleware.service (...)

The above stacktrace is from Fantom Hg tip.

I noted that the private Java ctor Uri(Sections x) (Uri.java:193) sets the path field to be readonly, which normalizePath() then tries to alter.

brian Mon 16 Oct 2017

Thanks for reporting - I pushed a fix

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