#2664 Proxy Support for TcpSocket and WebClient

Jeremy Criquet Wed 20 Dec 2017

I went ahead and updated these classes:


They now have much better proxy support. The previous code for proxies was acting pretty funky. I know roped in the java Proxy class using this constructor for making the Socket: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/net/Socket.html#Socket-java.net.Proxy-

I've tested it a bit and it works much better now. Plus, it now allows you to use both http and socks proxies. I used it on a request echo service and my client was completely masked by the proxy.

Should I just go ahead and push these changes to the repo?

Jeremy Criquet Wed 20 Dec 2017

I also wrote a pure Fantom version...only to find out Java had already done all that for me. Ended up scrapping everything I wrote sigh... The java way was a ton easier to implement and much cleaner.

SlimerDude Wed 20 Dec 2017

That sounds good Jeremy! Don't forget that you can always use Proxy-Vole to auto-detect proxy settings!

matthew Wed 20 Dec 2017

@Jeremy - can you send a patch for the changes?

Jeremy Criquet Wed 20 Dec 2017

@Steve, I think that is just for system proxy settings, no? I was trying to make it so my specific application could be tunneled through a proxy that I explicitly specified.

I actually hooked it up to gimmeproxy.com to generate a fresh proxy'd WebClient on the fly!

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