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siloam Sun 7 Jan 2018

Have you tried to add Fantom overview to https://learnxinyminutes.com/ ?

SlimerDude Sun 7 Jan 2018

That's not a bad idea, it's like a Fantom Syntax Cheatsheet!

I see it as not being all encompassing (as that's what the docs are for) but rather a quick start reference guide.

After writing Syntax Showdown for Java and C# I did begin crafting a cheatsheet that could be used as a starting point. So if anyone is interested in giving it a bash, I can either email it over or stick it on GibHut.

andy Mon 8 Jan 2018

Would be nice to see - looks like you just need to send them a GitHub PR - for any eager souls :)

SlimerDude Tue 9 Jan 2018

I've stuck what I have up on GibHut as a Gist - see Fantom Syntax Cheat Sheet.

I've drafted the Beginner section which should be enough to get most people to the point where they start to become dangerous! The beginner section is about a 1/3 of what I see the final product to be, the rough outline being:

  • Beginner
    • The Basics
    • Fields
    • Methods
    • Literals
    • Lists and Maps
  • Intermediate
    • functions
    • const classes
    • mixins
    • Errs
    • enums
  • Advanced
    • reflection
    • annotations
    • it blocks
    • operators

I don't really have the time to further more so it'd be great if others could fork, review, and add to it. Once it nears completion we can send a pull request to Learn in Sixty Mins.

My vision is for it to stay concise with just enough helpful examples to make it useful. Taking Learn C# in 60 Mins as a bad example, they've created a complete reference guide; which at nearly 1500 lines I find unusable. Learn in 60 minutes!? I'd be lucky to read the C# example in 60 days!

Note for reference, there is also this Fantom Cheat Sheet by Tcolar.

looks like you just need to send them a GitHub PR

Yes Andy, that's the easy bit! :)

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