#2690 Fantom as an interpreted language in an Android JVM app

noncom Sun 1 Apr 2018


I am looking for a scripting language beyond Lua or JavaScript for my next Android project and am wondering about Fantom.

My question is: can Fantom be used as an interpreted scripting language for a JVM app that runs both on desktop and mobile? If so, are there any docs on that? I was not able to find any, but also did not find any evidence for a definite "No". At least Fanton -> JS -> Rhino -> JVM -> Android way comes to mind, but Idk if it's really feasible..


go4 Sun 1 Apr 2018

The Android VM also support ClassLoader.defineClass. This means that Fantom can emit Java bytecode at runtime.

I would like to see more test on Android.

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