#2701 .Net DLL

24leesten Mon 4 Jun 2018

Is it currently possible to import and use an external .NET DLL in fantom Code?

brian Mon 4 Jun 2018

The .NET code hasn't really been kept up to date. Its was originally a proof of concept, but all our effort switched over to Java and JavaScript.

Ilove:= Sat 3 Nov 2018

Hi brian. I don't understand much about your Js target. Is it intended to be a better Js then transpile to Js to run on browser like CoffeeScript? It helps fantom devs don't have to deal with Js monster, very fine. But does it support backend Js also (example: Node)? I suggest since fantom already run on Jvm why don't use Rhino Engine (Mozilla) instead of Node (like RingoJS project)? On the JVM, everybody talks the same language, so it's easier than our foreign Node.

Last but not least, I think you shouldn't abandon .net target. I think you just target mono everywhere (even on Windows, and have a look at .net core but it's not as generally available as mono, example: .net core not yet built on freebsd, I still favor mono over it). You don't have to port all of the fantom library to .net, only core pods like sys is enough and write a note about what implemented, what's not :)

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