#2714 Load pod image into fandoc

jhughes Wed 17 Oct 2018

What is the syntax to load a pod resource image into the autogenerated fandoc?

I have attempted to use the following syntax without success but I can't seem to find any other information on what might work in this scenario.

/**![fan logo]`fan://<podname>/rsc/image.png`

brian Wed 17 Oct 2018

The only thing supported in fandoc generated documentation is an image file local to the current pod. If you look at the source code for docLang::Deployment you will see how it works:


That that file is just packaged into a flat directory structure with rest of the the fandoc files under doc/.

So essentially it becomes just a link to the file in the same directory as the HTML.

jhughes Wed 17 Oct 2018

So it looks like you have to use the rscDir named doc in order to make them available to the fandoc. Loading the images into any other srcDir would compile them into the pod where I expected them to be but would not make them available to the documentation.

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