#2719 Why we can't launch a pod by path ?

srm Sat 10 Nov 2018

I think build pod by default in global path it's a bad idea. (I know no other language doing that).

And why we can't launch pod by path ?

brian Fri 16 Nov 2018

You can use pathing in your pods - see docLang::Env#PathEnv

srm Mon 19 Nov 2018

I think it's strange to change environment variable to do that. fan /home/srm/mypod.pod is a more clean way

SlimerDude Thu 22 Nov 2018

I agree that it would be convenient to be able to run named pods, or add individual pods to the environment - I've seen many others attempt to run their pods like this:

C:\> fan /some/path/to/my.pod

As build,fan gives you the option of where to build the pod, people naturally think the fan launcher would be able to run pods from arbitrary locations.

But to make that work in the default BootEnv is quite a bit of overhead and I don't think it will be prioritised anytime soon.

A quick note about Fantom environments - BootEnv, PathEnv, etc... as well as providing locations for Fantom pods, they also provide locations for config files associated with the pods. Which makes Fantom environments powerful, but also a tad tricky to accommodate individual pod files.

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