#2722 Make a beautiful website for Fantom

srm Thu 22 Nov 2018


What do you think about the website ? I think the design of the website looks pretty old and new user may think Fantom is an old abandonned language.

The easiest solution is to move the website on bootstrap or something like that.

An other things, doc should be changed a bit to be more "classic". For example : Methods and fields should be in section object, not outside

What do you think about these two points ?

SlimerDude Thu 22 Nov 2018

Hi srm,

I know what you mean, :) but I think the official reply will be something like, "the website is made by techies, for techies" !!!

If you've not seen it, I have created my own website for Fantom that is in fact (as you mention it) based on Bootstrap 3:


Does this site look any better? I'm open to suggestions.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "classic" or "section object" but I have thought that maybe methods, fields, and ctors should have their own section headings as oppose to a general "Slots". (Even though some methods with no arguments may be called like fields.)

I also host the Eggbox pod repository which hosts documentation for many 3rd party pods - http://eggbox.fantomfactory.org/

The docs are based on the Fantom website to give continuity, such as afBedSheet::HttpRequest - do these look any better? I've thought about re-hosting the core Fantom pods on Eggbox but am not sure if there's any benefit to it.

Ilove:= Wed 13 Feb 2019

I like the current website more despite it's not pretty looking. The only drawback I encountered is the Submit|Preview|Cancel button on mobile Chrome not displaying properly. Perhaps it is set to a fixed position and not change proportion to the growing text.

SlimerDude Thu 26 Mar 2020

Piggybacking this thread, I just wanted to say, "Fantastic Job!" on the new look website!

For newcomers wondering what I'm talking about - here's a screenshot of how Fantom used to look:

Old look Fantom website

Jay Herron Fri 27 Mar 2020

Yeah, the new website looks much, much better!

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