#2732 Support many more text editors

Ilove:= Mon 11 Feb

We already support a bunch of text editors with Fan syntax highlighting but there're many cool ones we missed. For example, Geany. The gedit config file which actually gtksourceview language file can be reused with any text editors powered by gtksourceview (either v2 or v3). Tested, I could make Mousepad to highlight Fan source correctly. But about geany I"m totally ignorance. I like this editor a lot :(

SlimerDude Tue 12 Feb

I've not used the Geany editor but it looks quite nice. Their Hacking page suggests that the Scintilla lexer is used for syntax highlighting.

If anyone does create / know of a Fantom plugin for Geany (or any other editor) then I'll happily add it to fantom-lang.

Ilove:= Wed 13 Feb

So we already have a gtksourceview lexer and what we need now is a scintilla ones and it will support a wide range of scintilla based editors?

LightDye Wed 13 Feb

Notepad++ uses Scintilla and there is a Fantom syntax highlighter for Notepad++. Would that help?

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