#2735 OAuth 2.0

Nick Silyayev Wed 13 Feb

Hello there, I'm trying to integrate an api that uses oauth2.0 If anyone has done it before - please let me know!

SlimerDude Wed 13 Feb

Hi Nick!

I've implemented many authentication protocols, but given OAuth 2.0 isn't really a specification (see below), what exactly is it that you need it to do?

OAuth 2.0 Has Ruined Everything

To summarize the post for you, pressure from enterprise interests resulted in a spec that did not really enforce an opinion on anything and left all implementation details up to interpretation. It’s essentially a spec that was designed to conform to whatever the implementer needed it to look like. A specification that is different depending on what you need it to look like is no specification at all.

OAuth And The Road To Hell

Ilove:= Thu 14 Feb

Just try Java interop first. If you encounter problems just post here with enough details.

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