#2763 [ANN] F4 v1.1.2

SlimerDude Sun 28 Jul 2019

Hi, I've tentatively uploaded binaries for a new F4 build on GitHub:

F4 v1.2.2 - https://github.com/xored/f4/releases/tag/v1.1.2

32 & 64 bit versions for Win, Mac, and Linux.

Aside from an increase in version numbers, this release isn't much different to the binaries I've been hosting on Alien-Factory.

I have done some work on updating the underlying eclipse platform to the newer Photon version, but want to make sure the F4 build / release process (and the binaries it creates) are okay before releasing any newer code updates - so thumbs up / thumbs down feedback is appreciated.

F4 v1.1.2

This release updates F4 to the Fantom 1.0.71 (from 1.0.69), reduces build thrashing, lets you create native Java pods, and fixes the following issues:

  • #77 - F4 doesn't compile .java files
  • #98 - Autocompletion for facets suggest all classes not only facets enhancement
  • #102 - Class ctor autocomplete
  • #103 - Autocomplete on methods with fn params don't populate the simple
  • #105 - Better handling of dodgy build.fan files
  • #106 - Autocomplete on Types should list the Type name
  • #110 - Can not compile native Java Peer classes
  • #112 - Tabbing on comments in using statements causes errors

Have fun,


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