#2774 swtChartWrapper update

pcl Mon 28 Oct 2019

Hello - again! After a long time, I'm back on this forum, albeit with a new login name.

Recently, I've been going through my older code and making sure it will still run, at least. I once wrote a wrapper about the SWT chart library, so it could be used from Fantom. I had to make a few changes, but it now builds and the examples work on 1.0.73.

The source is at: https://notabug.org/peterlane/swtChartWrapper/releases

To get this to build:

* you need to compile Java code, so your jdkHome must be set in "etc/build/config.props"

* SWT must work. I had to download the 64-bit linux version of swt.jar from the eclipse website into a new folder "java/ext/linux-x86_64"

* swtchart.jar has to be dropped in "java/ext" (from http://www.swtchart.org)

SlimerDude Tue 29 Oct 2019

Hey Peter,

Nice work - thanks!

(notabug.org seems to be an interesting hosting choice too!)


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