#2785 Moving source control from BitBucket to GitHub

matthew Mon 2 Mar 2020

On Monday, March 9th, we will be migrating our source code from BitBucket to GitHub. As part of this migration, this means that the Fantom source code will now using git for source control instead of mercurial.

The reason for this change is that BitBucket, where our code is currently hosted, sunsetting its Mercural support. So we needed to find a new hosting platform and GitHub is well established and widely used by the open source community, so it seemed like a good place to go.

After the migration, I will post details about the new source control location, and update the website with new links.

matthew Mon 2 Mar 2020

Also - if you have made a contribution to the source code, and would like your commit to be attributed to you during the migration, please post a link to your GitHub page.

matthew Mon 9 Mar 2020

FYI - this migration is complete. Here is the new GitHub Repo. All future development will be pushed to GitHub.

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