#2787 Problem on Downloading IDE for Mac iOS

Em2626 Wed 1 Apr 2020


I've been downloading F4 IDE for weeks now and it sills doesn't work. I have the ".metadata/.log./" problem and u didn't find the solution.

Can anyone help me? thanks a lot.

Em2626 Sun 19 Apr 2020

Does anyone have the solution for my problem?

SlimerDude Sun 19 Apr 2020

Hi Em2626,

I understand from the StackOverflow post that you get an error when you start F4, but can not find the .log file to inspect.

F4 error

As stated, I would imagine that the .log file does exist - you're just having trouble seeing the .metadata directory because dot files are hidden by default on Macs.

As to the best way to view such files, not being a Mac user, I'm not sure how to advise - beyond a Google search!

Em2626 Mon 20 Apr 2020

I find how to show the dot files on Macs but it doesn't solved the problem yet.. I dont know how to run F4 IDE on macs...

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