#2793 Will Fantom Stay?

small_petit Sun 17 May 2020

Hello, I just love to code, even though I have no Computer Science background. I started with Java but with the so many classes and verbose codes, I really had a tough time grabbing the language.

I shifted to Scala. Scala hasn't disappointed (I don't know whether it's from the experience I have with Java). I chanced upon Fantom when browsing JVM languages.

I decided to give Fantom a try. Honestly, I think Fantom is kinda straight-to-the-point language and get things done outright. The learning curve in Fantom is way far too short and precise!! I can just write Fantom codes without referring to notes I have taken in my books. The language is clean.

I have decided to drop my previous languages completely, and concentrate on Fantom. I believe there are others like me out there who simply love to code. I just want to be able to help such people (so they do not go through the frustrations I have been through all this while)

Please, is my decision the right choice? Where lies the future of Fantom? Is Fantom surviving the storm?

Thank you.

SlimerDude Mon 18 May 2020

Hi small_petit,

I'm really happy you're enjoying programming in Fantom! As you say, it is a very capable and straight-to-the-point language with a concise core API which lets you get things done!

Fantom does not have the funding or marketing of big corporates, unlike most other languages, so by comparison it only has a small following. The downside to this is that there isn't a multitude of ready-made libraries. The upside is that I get to write a multitude of ready-made libraries!

But Fantom is the cornerstone of a growing industry in building automation and analytics. It was purpose built to run the SkySpark technology platform and is going strong. It's a bit off topic for the Fantom forum, but if you send me a personal email I can tell you a bit more about it.

It would also be nice to hear a little about what you're using Fantom for!?



brian Mon 18 May 2020

Glad you like programming in Fantom!

Fantom is already 15 years old and still going strong. So its no flash in the pan. As Steve said it has a small community which has its pros and cons. But given that Fantom is used in commercially in industrial systems by many big companies, its not going anywhere

small_petit Sat 23 May 2020

Right. Fantom all the way!!

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