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GayBigAss Tue 19 May 2020

I'm a sysadmin wanted to learn programming. I'm going to switch my laptop to OpenBSD and Eclipse doesn't support OpenBSD, so I can only use Netbeans. go4's FanIDE is the only choice for me.


But his github repo above doesn't accept submiting new issue. I tried to submit an issue on the original repo of tcolar but it seemed he didn't see it. I know he used to hang around this forum so I posted here a topic for FanIDE. When someone has issue he has a place to report.

p/s: Don't care about my username. I'm gay and I'm happy about it. I used this nick name across all of the forums I joined and haft of the time just being banned because of it :D

GayBigAss Tue 19 May 2020

I'm glad that FanIDE does improve over time. The last time I tried it, it just crashed the whole IDE. This time is better, there is only one exception throw but it doesn't crash the whole IDE.

The example HelloWorld kind of project worked fine. But I found as I started to code more complicated thing then everything just started to fail. Code completion is completely broken, it doesn't work at all.

BTW, memory usage is much higher than F4. The fact is it's more dynamic than F4. F4's memory usage is more or less predictable.

I still think FanIDE is a good attempt to brind another IDE for Fantom. F4 is awesome but the more IDEs/Editors support the better for the language. Keep up the good work, go4. Currently FanIDE is unusable, but I hope someday it will be on par with F4.

SlimerDude Tue 19 May 2020

Hi GayBigAss,

I agree, it is good that other IDEs are being worked upon. I know go4 does a lot of custom Fantom development, so I'm sure FanIDE is being put to good use on his machine, and I hope he's able to help with the problems you're having.

As for developing Fantom on OpenBSD, have a look on the fantom-lang.org IDE page - there may be a text editor you can use so at least you can then have some syntax highlighting!

go4 Tue 19 May 2020

Thanks, I'm pleasure to improve it.

I opened the github issue page. The crash log in ${User directory}/var/log/messages.log. User directory is found in Netbeans > Help > About.

The code completion is only work in Fanx runtime now. I'll fix it next month.

GayBigAss Sat 30 May 2020

I hope you will got the code completion works with standard Fantom soon. BTW, the exception is not from FanIDE. Since Netbeans was given to Apache, I saw the IDE's stability decreased a lot. I still waiting for Oracle to contribute the last C++ bits and Apache to integrate it into Netbeans. Apache Netbeans is still not match the old Netbeans that I have used to.

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