#2799 Running Fantom web examples in F4

small_petit Sat 6 Jun 2020

Hello, please can I get help on how to run the %HOME_FAN%\examples\web\hello.fan in F4 IDE?

I have been able to create the project and copy the web folder to the fan folder of my project. F4 still raises error.

Specifically, if I want to create this project: https://fantom.org/doc/docIntro/HelloWorld#webapp from scratch in F4, how do I go about it?

Thank you.

SlimerDude Sun 7 Jun 2020

There are no guides that specifically explain how to set up that web example in F4, but if you tell us what errors you get, that would help us help you.

A couple of articles that may help, if you've not already seen them, are:

small_petit Sun 7 Jun 2020

Thanks for the response and the links. Sorry for not specifying the exact errors.

The errors got to do with dependencies.

But after visiting your links, I added these dependencies to the build.fan file:

web 1.0, util 1.0, wisp 1.0, and all is good now.

I had same issues with BedSheet framework. I did a little search around and added the afIoc dependency, and all is OK as well.

Thank you Sir.

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