#2802 Fantom Training: Any out there??

small_petit Wed 24 Jun 2020

I have a little experience coding in Java and Scala. But due to the simplicity of the Fantom Language, I dropped them, in favour of Fantom. In fact, I have solved a whole lot of coding tasks,, using the docs at this site and the little experience I have from Java and Scala.

Things seem a little complicated now, as I entered the world of web programming. I don't know whether the developers of Fantom have missed their mission of making Fantom easy and straight-to-the-point. I just can't find my way out with web programming with Fantom!!

And this actually makes me realise I need proper education in the language. So my question is, is there any online training course for people who really want to learn the Fantom language?

Thank you.

SlimerDude Tue 30 Jun 2020

Hi small_petit,

Yes, web programming is generally quite complicated, necessitating an understanding of client / server processes (and the multi-threading issues that arise), as well as the usual HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

There's no online Fantom training around just yet that I'm aware of - and it's a pretty broad topic too. I'm not sure if you want learn Fantom syntax, its core APIs, or other library APIs?

If you're already familiar with Java, then A Short Introduction to Fantom is a good, concise read (if not a little heavy!).

The actual Fantom documentation itself is really quite good - it's just hard to find your way around. To that end, the "one word" search engine on fantom-lang can be quite useful.

Good luck!

brian Wed 1 Jul 2020

If you are doing server side HTML generation, then it can still be pretty simple assuming you know HTML. See hello world.

However if you want to write client side code to manipulate the DOM, its can't be too simple because the HTML/JS/CSS platform itself is overly complicated. But its still not too bad if you look at some of the domkit demos.

small_petit Thu 2 Jul 2020

Thanks SlimerDude and Brian.....

Exactly, the server side stuff seems pretty simple. It's the client side that made me wonder. But with these comments and suggestions, I hope to find my way out. I really love the Fantom Language.

And SlimerDude.... thanks for the tutorials and examples at the alien factory site. It has been of great help. Please give us some more. I hope to write out some articles and send to you, some day. Regards.

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