#2850 [ANN] F4 v1.1.6 - Fantom IDE

SlimerDude Sat 17 Jul

Binaries for the latest F4 v1.1.6 Fantom IDE release are now available on GitHub:

F4 v1.1.6 on GitHub


Main Features

F4 v1.1.6 main updates:

  • Dark Mode - now fully enabled! (I know you've ALL been waiting for this one!)
  • Internal Fantom compiler updated to Fantom 1.0.76 (from 1.0.74)
  • Embedded Fantom interpretter updated to Fantom 1.0.76 (from 1.0.74)

This update adds a Default option to the Fantom Syntax Coloring settings, allowing the colour of ALL the text in Fantom editors to be updated.

The default eclipse colours for Dark Mode are pretty poor, but are easy enough to change. For example, my own colours are based on the EMACS Doom Vibrant Theme:

F4 Dark Mode

Bug Fixes

F4 v1.1.6 also fixes some long standing bugs:

  • 22 - Launch class browse button does not work in launch config dialog
  • 39 - Operator functions return wrong type (for autocomplete)
  • 70 - Type.make() does not appear in autocomplete
  • 72 - Caught Errs are not recognised
  • 86 - Return type of function fields are not recognised
  • 92 - Extending from classes with the same name
  • 104 - F4 doesn't recognise return types from function fields
  • 108 - F4 Update site is out of date
  • 122 - Project versions not recognised

Essential Plugins

Have fun!

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