#2906 Example of Fantom<->Java Interop for Data Analysis

pcl Tue 6 Feb

Last week, I converted my goto example of lang<->Java interop to work with Fantom. It's a simple bit of data analysis from a CSV file using a library from Apache Commons. I sometimes get stuck with passing the collection to/from the library but, as Fantom maps its list to a Java array, the usual Java Array<->Collection conversions did the trick.

If you fancy a look: https://peterlane.codeberg.page/diary/2024-02-03.html

SlimerDude Wed 7 Feb

That's really cool @pcl, thanks for sharing!

pcl Sun 11 Feb

In the same vein, I wrote up another typical example I often use - it uses WEKA to pull apart a set of text documents, convert them to features, and apply some classification models.

Nothing complex - a straight line of calls to the Java libraries - but Fantom's Type literals make it easy to parameterise the choice of model.

Link: https://peterlane.codeberg.page/diary/2024-02-11.html

Gary Sun 11 Feb

That is very cool, Peter! :->

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