#2912 Future.state vs Future.status

brian Sun 21 Apr

In the last build, I replaced Future.state with Future.status because Fantom's concurrent::Future implements Java's java.util.concurrent.Future and they added a state method which conflicts with our previous definition.

In the current situation:

  • Old code that might have used Future.state will work
  • But you cannot compile Fantom with Java 19 or later

If I remove the Future.state definition:

  • Old code using our Future.state will break
  • But we can now compile with the latest versions of Fantom

Question to the community - are you ready for me to remove the old Future.state method so that we can compile with latest versions of Java?

SlimerDude Mon 22 Apr

Hi Brian, Sure, that's fine with me and Fantom Factory - all our code uses the new Future.status.

Gary Tue 23 Apr

Sounds good to me :)

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