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#820 Build 1.0.47

brian Wed 18 Nov 2009

The latest build is posted and the online docs updated. There isn't any huge new features in this build, but tons of enhancements and bug fixes. Lots of new methods have been added - refer to the change log below.

Rename to Fantom

Without a doubt the most important change in this build is the official rename to Fantom. I've covered this in a separate blog article.

Removal of Curry Operator

For the past few months, the compiler printed a warning if you attempted to use the deprecated & operator. In this build, it is a compiler error if you still have code using the old & operator. Everything is done strictly with closures now - if you need a refresher on how to code immutable closures then see Closure Redesign.

New Java Extension Design

I've redesigned how the Java extension design works to make it easy to drop in SWT support for your platform. See #740 for the full description. Also see the following new sections in the Setup doc:

Change Log

Build 1.0.47 (17 Nov 09)

  • Rename Fan to Fantom!
  • Range fromStr, isEmpty, min, max, first, last
  • List.eachrWhile
  • Map.getOrAdd
  • FWT javascript enhancements
  • Float.random
  • and take optional TimeZone
  • Date firstOfMonth, lastOfMonth
  • Fix StrBuf.out anomalies
  • XNode.writeToStr
  • dom::Doc.cookies
  • Tweak compiler to hide private/internal default exprs in fandoc
  • Graphics: drawPolyline, drawPolygon, fillPolygon
  • JavaScript: proper type coercion
  • FWT Tree/Table onPopup support for Event.pos
  • Fix Future.get timeouts for OS X
  • js: Fully pass UriTest; encode/decode Uris properly in browser
  • Sys os, arch, platform
  • Upgrade SWT from 3.4 to 3.5.1
  • Redesign Java extension mechanism to use lib/java/ext/{Sys.platform}
  • #685: File naming bug?
  • #697: Remove & curry/partial apply operator
  • #731: Method calls should always require parens
  • #740: Cannot load 32-bit SWT libraries on 64-bit JVM
  • #743: Issues building from hg on Snow Leopard
  • #788: Coercion of indexed assignment shortcut
  • #806: can't read MapType from ObjectDeserializer

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