#849 Internal compiler error

Yuri Strot Fri 4 Dec 2009

Hi guys,

I've got following exception:

Error:     Internal compiler error
sys::CastErr: java.lang.ClassCastException: fan.compiler.ListType cannot be cast to fan.compiler.FuncType
  compiler::Parser.tryClosure (Parser.fan:1992)
  compiler::Parser.callArgs (Parser.fan:1805)
  compiler::Parser.callArgs (Parser.fan)
  compiler::Parser.typeBaseExpr (Parser.fan:1646)
  compiler::Parser.termBaseExpr (Parser.fan:1547)
  compiler::Parser.termExpr (Parser.fan:1522)
  compiler::Parser.termExpr (Parser.fan)
  compiler::Parser.unaryExpr (Parser.fan:1495)
  compiler::Parser.parenExpr (Parser.fan:1430)
  compiler::Parser.multiplicativeExpr (Parser.fan:1415)
  compiler::Parser.additiveExpr (Parser.fan:1403)
  compiler::Parser.shiftExpr (Parser.fan:1391)
  compiler::Parser.bitAndExpr (Parser.fan:1379)
  compiler::Parser.bitOrExpr (Parser.fan:1367)
  compiler::Parser.rangeExpr (Parser.fan:1350)
  compiler::Parser.elvisExpr (Parser.fan:1333)
  compiler::Parser.relationalExpr (Parser.fan:1302)
  compiler::Parser.equalityExpr (Parser.fan:1268)
  compiler::Parser.condAndExpr (Parser.fan:1248)
  compiler::Parser.condOrExpr (Parser.fan:1228)
  49 More...

Example is following:

class Exp
  new make(|This|? f := null) { f?.call(this) }

  Obj get(Obj o) { |Exp|[,] }

  Void main()
    exp := Exp()
    |Exp|[] list := exp[1]
    list.each | |Exp| e | { echo(e) }

Best regards, Yuri

brian Fri 4 Dec 2009

Promoted to ticket #849 and assigned to brian

thanks for reporting this Yuri

brian Sat 23 Jan 2010

Ticket resolved in 1.0.49

Little bug in the parse - pushed a fix changeset

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