#865 Make fwt::TreeModel.children non-nullable

tactics Fri 11 Dec 2009

fwt::TreeModel.children has a nullable return type. However, the default implementation of has children requires the value to be non-null.

// From src/fwt/fan/Tree.fan
virtual Bool hasChildren(Obj node) { return !children(node).isEmpty }
virtual Obj[]? children(Obj node) { return null }

It seems to me like the return type on children should simply be made non-nullable. Why have two different ways to show you're subtree is empty?

helium Fri 11 Dec 2009

All your base are belong to us

brian Sat 12 Dec 2009

Renamed from fwt::TreeModel Error to Make fwt::TreeModel.children non-nullable

brian Sat 12 Dec 2009

Promoted to ticket #865 and assigned to brian

brian Sat 12 Dec 2009

Ticket resolved in 1.0.48


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