#876 Source Doc Changes

brian Thu 17 Dec 2009

When I did the symbol rework this past summer I hardcoded the compiler to include source code into the pod file for every pod unless the @nodoc facet was set. This is obviously isn't what we really want - distributing source should be an opt-in choice, not an opt-out choice.

The existing design is to include source into the pod, then docCompiler uses this to generate the source HTML we distribute and publish on the website. The problem with this approach is that the core Fan distro distributes source 3 times (src tree, in each pod, and in HTML format).

I am going to rework this design:

  1. change compiler to never include src in pod file
  2. add sys::docsrc facet which defaults to false
  3. change docCompiler to generate src HTML only if docsrc set and directly from original source (not pod)

brian Thu 17 Dec 2009

Promoted to ticket #876 and assigned to brian

brian Thu 17 Dec 2009

Ticket resolved in 1.0.48

Got this working. While I was in the docCompiler code I cleaned up a bunch of stuff (if you happened to be using any of those APIs directly).

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