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#954 Build 1.0.50

brian Tue 2 Feb 2010

The latest build has been posted and online docs updated.

This build is a stable check-point for the URI/Env/Facet work.

New Features

Two big new features:

  • Env is completely pluggable now; I'm hoping that this API will have all the hooks necessary for the community to build in support for OSGi, J2EE, cloud repositories, etc
  • JarDistEnv - ability to deploy a set of Fantom pods as a single Java JAR file (an very requested feature)

If you were using FAN_REPO, then see how to now use PathEnv.

Breaking Changes

The following sys classes were removed:

Sys       =>  replaced by Env
Repo      =>  replaced by Env and PathEnv
UriSpace  =>  no replacement (use Actors)

Using symbols for etc file configuration has been replaced by props files. All of the readSymbol and writeSymbol IO methods have been removed. Note new locations for key configuration data (with different keys and format):

lib/sys.props         =>  etc/sys/config.props
etc/build/pod.fansym  =>  etc/build/config.props

If you were using symbol files or localization, then you'll now use:

The fan: URI syntax for referencing resources has changed:


The Pod.files method was changed to return a File[] instead of a Uri:File. Use sys::Pod.file or just sys::Uri.get to lookup a resource file. Also note the URI of source files are now absolute such as fan://{pod}/{path}.

Change Log

Build 1.0.50 (2 Feb 10)

  • Pod.loc => locale
  • Locale.get => Env.locale
  • Remove UriSpace
  • Change syntax of fan: URI scheme
  • Change flux options design
  • Change build symbols to be config props
  • Pod.files: now returns list, added Pod.file, now used fan: URI
  • Repo replaced with util::PathEnv
  • Remove readSymbols, writeSymbols APIs
  • sql::SqlService.autoCommit change to field
  • sql::Dialect - renamed some methods for consistency
  • lib/sys.props => etc/sys/config.props
  • JarDistEnv and JarDist build task
  • #753: JDBC drivers and preloading
  • #867: JVM ClassLoader per Pod
  • #935: Env API
  • #952: Jar Dist
  • #953: Fanp can't find a pod in a custom ${FAN_REPO}

tactics Tue 2 Feb 2010

It's looking great. I can almost feel the big One Point Oh on the horizon.

Just to confirm, symbols and facets still exist in this build, but are going to get phased out in the next build or two?

brian Tue 2 Feb 2010

Just to confirm, symbols and facets still exist in this build, but are going to get phased out in the next build or two?

Correct. I am starting on new facet design this afternoon, probably with another build towards the end of the week. I'm hoping that build will have all the big ticket breaking changes behind us.

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