Fantom Programming Language

// Hello from Fantom!
class HelloWorld
  static Void main()
    echo("Hello, World!")

The Language Formerly Known as Fan

Portability Write code portable to the Java VM, .NET CLR, and JavaScript in the browser.

Familiar Syntax Java and C# programmers will feel at home with Fantom's evolutionary syntax.

Mixins Interfaces but with implementation.

Concurrency Tackle concurrency with built-in immutability and actor model.

Object Oriented Everything subclasses from Obj. Value types when you need the performance.

Functional Functions and closures are baked in.

Static and Dynamic Typing Don't like the extremes - take the middle of the road.

Serialization Built-in "JSON like" serialization syntax makes Fantom ideal for declarative programming too.

Elegant APIs We're quite obsessive about providing all the key features required for a standard library, but with much less surface area than the APIs found in Java or .NET.

REST URI literals and a unified namespace of resources identified with URIs.

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