Fan vs Scala: Different Trade-offs

Posted by brian – Wed 22 Jul 2009

I have noticed a lot of Fan vs Scala lately. In some ways I guess that is to be expected since both languages are statically typed alternatives on the JVM (unlike the dynamic languages such as Groovy, JRuby, Jython, and Clojure). But just remember that we are all on the same team trying to advance the state of JVM languages - we share the common goal of convincing Java programmers that there are alternatives to the Java language itself.

I think Scala is a really great language and I'm always on the lookout of good stuff to steal from it. But I do believe there are some key philosophical differences which I haven't really seen talked about. Note I haven't used Scala to write any production code, so I am not an expert by any means - but I do try to keep up with it.

Both Fan and Scala are trying to take software scalability to the next level, but I think we are taking different paths to get there. Scala's focus is clearly on a sophisticated type system which can catch as many errors as possible at compile time. It is also focused on mixing functional style with OO style (more so than Fan which only uses functional programming primarily as an enabler of better APIs).

Fan uses a static type system also - but as just one tool in the toolbox. Rather much of Fan's effort has been focused on overall architecture - more of a "cathedral" approach to providing a unified solution for all the different pieces required to build, test, and deploy software (yes I know IDE solutions are lacking, but I think this will take care of itself with time). This philosophy on the entire platform and the end-to-end programming experience versus just the language is reflected in Fan's features and even this site itself.

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Build 1.0.68

Posted by brian – Thu 7 Apr

Its been long overdue, but we have finally posted 1.0.68!

Dom Changes

There have been many breaking changes to the dom APIs. This is in preparation for the development of a brand new UI toolkit called domkit which we hope to open source later this year. Domkit replaces FWT as our toolkit for developing HTML5 user interfaces in Fantom. See topic 2466 for more details, and please review change log for list of changes.

Windows Launcher

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Build 1.0.67

Posted by brian – Thu 8 Jan 2015

I posted a new build and updated the online documentation - we had built up a huge amount of changes since the last clean build. No really big new features, but tons of small enhancements and fixes. Here are a couple of the highlights:


The dom pod API has received many enhancements, and will most likely be the center of a lot more development through 2015 as we continue to make Fantom a first class platform to target web applications.

JavaScript Metadata

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Official Hg Repo moved to BitBucket

Posted by andy – Sat 28 Dec 2013

The official Fantom hg repo is now hosted on BitBucket:

We looked at doing this a few years ago, but felt it wasn't quite ready. Since then its turned into a very nice platform. And more importantly, dramatically simplifies how we can accept and review patches. So hopefully this lowers the bar for contributions.

We are no longer pushing to - and will be bringing that server down over the next week or two. So make sure you update your local repo to use BitBucket.

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Build 1.0.66

Posted by brian – Wed 19 Mar 2014

Its been almost a year since we actually posted a build with all the latest changes. So I figured it was about time to to get a clean zip with all the tweaks, fixes, and enhancements we've added over the last 10 months.

Google code doesn't allow file downloads anymore, so I posted this build on BitBucket.

Couple notable new APIS...


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JVM Summit

Posted by brian – Sat 27 Sep 2008

I've been in Santa Clara this week for the JVM Summit. It has been a really fantastic experience. The group of attendees was all insanely smart and deeply into language, compiler, and VM design. The nice thing about the JVM Summit was that it was small enough that you got a chance to meet everyone. So it was quite cool to finally meet many of the people who previously I've only known through their blog persona.

I have tons of notes and comments in no particular order...

Fan Presentation

All the talks were video taped, and supposedly will be available - but who knows when that will happen. I gave a short presentation Wed on Fan, specifically on how we tackle portability between the JVM and CLR. You can download the PDF slides here.

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Build 1.0.65

Posted by brian – Mon 20 May 2013

I posted a new build and updated the online docs.

This is mostly just a bug fix release with lots of fixes and minor enhancements.

Build 1.0.65 (20 May 2013)

  • Add build javacParams config option (#1765)
  • Fandoc abstract Test classes
  • WebOutStream: add header, footer, nav, section, article, aside
  • Convert SqlConn from class to mixin
  • fwt: AsyncTask
  • Locale default support for /etc/sys/config.props
  • Normalize Uri https, ftp ports
  • #1891: Fix fandoc images embedded in paragraph text
  • #2051: Opening Uri by its scheme handler
  • #2052: sys::Uri.encodeQuery does not conform standard
  • #2054: Problem of Reduced Stack Trace
  • #2121: Runtime error when using Map as a type
  • #2133: Errs on Service.start()
  • #2134: NullErr with Safe Invoke
  • #2139: Can not override method that returns This

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The Name List

Posted by brian – Thu 14 Apr 2011

How many times have you sat around trying to think of a good name for a class or concept in your software? Good names are concise and unique across the system. But lets face it, coming up with names really sucks. So over the years I've been collecting a list of words to spark my imagine (often leading me to for further refinement). I've been scribbling this list on a tattered sheet of paper. But now I am going to start maintaining the list on this page and share it with everybody! The names in no particular order:

Kit                 Bag                 Cache               Association
Product             Vector              Dock                PlugPoint
Client              Group               Blade               Transcript
Server              Mediator            Page                Share
Builder             Attach              Bar                 Stamp
Director            Register            Descriptor          Parcel
Manipulator         State               Selector            Resolver
Prototype           Strategy            Concern             Find
Clone               Tactic              Pod                 Discover
Adapter             Policy              Capsule             Learn
Wrapper             Cell                Catalyst            Routine
Target              Sage                Sealed              Pigeonhole
Iterator            Archetype           Coalesce            Baton
Cursor              Canonical           Classifier          Dialect
Traversal           Assembly            Sieve               Reaction
Observer            Backplane           Tub                 Liaison
Dependent           Plug                Depot               Vat
Publish             Receptacle          Tribe               Promise
Subscribe           Bank                Attribute           Future
Interest            Document            Facet               Mint
Aspect              Deed                Annotation          Shard
Any                 Part                Meta                Rendition
Terminal            Artifact            Record              Sketch
Term                Host                Info                Syllabus
Variant             Actor               Manager             Reduction
Materialization     Pathway             Session             Synopsis
Relationship        Responder           Connection          Verse
Role                Authority           Exchange            Stanza
Relation            Feature             Memento             Compass
Preview             Alias               Token               Blueprint
Res (Latin obj)     Bundle              Solver              Diagram
Track               Tracker             Constraint          Read/Write
Sector              Proxy               Originator          Encode/Decode
Vessel              Surrogate           Caretaker           Marshal/Unmarshal
Behavior            Shadow              Housekeeping        Inflate/Deflate
Stimulus            Subject             Cluster             Cue
Request             Ambassador          Guardian            Query
Response            Extent              Orphan              Morph
Timeline            Handler             Zombie              Digest
Tag                 Command             Struct              Hive
Operation           Action              Realm               Media
Narrative           Transaction         Domain              Agent
Bridge              Interpreter         Zone                Dimension
Abstraction         Context             Generalization      Axis
Implementor         Expression          Specialization      Monad
Composite           Widget              Envoy               Pose
Component           Field               Broker              Interior/Exterior
Leaf                Property            Portal              Manufacturer
Tuple               Template            Door                Factory
Decorator           Visitor             Gate                Kind
View                Element             Cyber               Species
Facade              Entity              Resource            Mold
Subsystem           Node                Organ               Rule
Flyweight           Catalog             Slice               Event
Colloborators       Fragment            Extension           Trigger
Aggregate           Block               <x>let
Collection          Segment             Moniker

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Build 1.0.64

Posted by brian – Fri 21 Dec 2012

I have posted the latest build for download and updated the online docs.

The biggest feature in this build is what we have open sourced the webfwt. This is an awesome new pod that includes tons of FWT widgets designed for use in a browser making use of DOM and CSS.

Other than webfwt, this is mostly just a maintenance build with six months worth of fixes, tweaks, and minor enhancements.

Change Log

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Fantom vs Kotlin (and other JVM langs)

Posted by brian – Wed 20 Jul 2011

I think when a new language like Kotlin is announced, every one's first thought is how is this different than X. In our case how is it different from Fantom?

I continue to be amazed by the proliferation of JVM languages. Part of me thinks this is a great thing. But at the same time, there seems to be a ton of work going into creating new things that don't seem have to meaningful differentiation. That said, I believe there is probably some very big philosophical differences between Fantom and Kotlin. I would say Kotlin is more akin to Groovy++, Gosu, or Java 1.8 with closures.

A language is as much what you leave out as what you put in. But syntax sugar tricks don't define a language because you can always add stuff like that without changing the basic semantics of the language. What really characterizes a language is the basic approach to fundamental issues like the type system, OO vs function paradigm, immutability, concurrency, standard library, modularity, composability, etc.

So here are some of my thoughts about what I think are major differences between Fantom and Kotlin:

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