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#2248 Build 1.0.66

brian Wed 19 Mar

Its been almost a year since we actually posted a build with all the latest changes. So I figured it was about time to to get a clean zip with all the tweaks, fixes, and enhancements we've added over the last 10 months.

Google code doesn't allow file downloads anymore, so I posted this build on BitBucket.

Couple notable new APIS...


We added a new sys::FileStore class and method. This lets you get disk size info for a particular file or directory.


The new gfx::GraphicsPath class provides Java2D/Canvas/PDF/SVG style pathing for stroke/fill/clip. It is implemented in both the SWT desktop and JavaScript FWT implementations. Example code from fwt/demo which paths a turtle:

 .moveTo(40, 100)
 .curveTo(50, 30, 110, 30, 120, 100)
 .curveTo(170, 80, 170, 140, 120, 120)
 .lineTo(110, 120)
 .curveTo(115, 140, 95, 140, 100, 120)
 .lineTo(60, 120)
 .curveTo(65, 140, 45, 140, 50, 120)
 .lineTo(40, 120)


Two new APIs in inet pod:

Change Log

Build 1.0.66 (19 Mar 201)

  • Wisp support for secureSessionCookie config prop
  • ActorPool name
  • MimeType.parseParams fix for equals in value
  • BuildPod.compileJni added
  • Date, DateTime weekInYear and VVV formatting pattern
  • DateTime.hoursInDay
  • WispService.errMod
  • New inet APIs: MulticastSocket, IpInterface
  • OutStream wrappers default to charset of inner stream
  • Fix WispRes charset for non-persistent connections
  • InStream.avail
  • List.indexr
  • fwt-js: Improve mouseMove/mouseExit when exiting widget/browser bounds
  • webfwt::CanvasTable: rewrite for large table performance
  • FileStore API to check file system capacity
  • FileUploader.useMultiPart,headers
  • XParser charset sniffing
  • WebClient default receiveTimeout to 1min
  • MimeType.noParams
  • Redesign Num/Int/Float/Decimal formatting to use locale props
  • Add adm/tools/textadept and notepadpp
  • Image.write
  • Int.toRadix
  • GraphicsPath API
  • 1478: js: Invalid type order for sys pod
  • 1614: fwt-js: Parse order bugs for peer defs
  • 2147: Stack trace manipulation / filter
  • 2149: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Duplicate field name&signature

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