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Learn More

Try these links to learn more about Fantom:

Quick Start

If you want to jump right in and start coding:

Community Resources

Also see IDE page for an overview of the various community projects providing Fantom tooling.

Documentation Organization

All documentation and APIs are organized into modules called pods. The doc index is organized by manuals and APIs. APIs are the reference documentation for each public type generated from source (like Javadoc). Manuals group a set of chapters on a subject:

  • docIntro: general purpose introductory material
  • docLang: covers the language in depth
  • docTools: command line tools, unit testing, build toolkit

In addition examples can be accessed as HTML. All examples are designed as complete stand alone programs which can be run as a script.

Learning Fantom

If you want to dig deep, then you'll probably want to look over docIntro to get a background. At some point you should consider reading docLang front to back - it is designed to be read as book. Once you start writing code, you'll find examples and the reference APIs handy as you learn the standard libraries. When you start to develop real applications make sure to review how to write unit tests and build scripts.

Getting Involved

The place to ask questions and submit feedback is the discussion group. Or you can contact us directly. Let us know what you think!