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#2387 Build 1.0.67

brian Thu 8 Jan 2015

I posted a new build and updated the online documentation - we had built up a huge amount of changes since the last clean build. No really big new features, but tons of small enhancements and fixes. Here are a couple of the highlights:


The dom pod API has received many enhancements, and will most likely be the center of a lot more development through 2015 as we continue to make Fantom a first class platform to target web applications.

JavaScript Metadata

The Fantom JavaScript platform now has full access to pod meta via the reflection APIs. All the props files bundled into pods are also now available in the JS environment.


Fansh now automatically uses JLine on Unix/OS X if installed. All you need to do is download and put it in your classpath such {java}/lib/ext/ or lib/java/jline.jar. The new method sys::Env.prompt can be used to use a JLine prompt. See Setup for details.


WebClient now requests gzip as one of the default accepted encodings. For web servers which support gzip compression all text requests will now be compressed as the default behavior.

Enum Facets

You can now add facets to individual enumerated items in an enum class.

Change Log

Build 1.0.67 (8 Jan 2015)

  • Mark sys::Regex as serializable and add defVal
  • DateTime.fromJava add negIsNull flag
  • Add fandoc::FandocDocWriter
  • Add locale parameter to sys toLocale methods
  • CompilerInput.docTests
  • WebClient includes Accept-Encoding: gzip
  • Str.trimToNull
  • MimeType.parseParams accepts valueless attributes
  • DocElem redesigned parent/child APIs
  • File.list optional Regex parameter
  • Env.prompt and integrated support for JLine
  • Dom: Win.parent,top, Doc.query,queryAll, Elem.text
  • JavaScript compiler now includes all a pod's props files
  • Fwt: JavaScript impl for WebBrowser
  • Rebuild timezone database using tzinfo 2014h
  • Deprecate Buf.flush in favor of Buf.sync
  • Tweak locale dateTime formats to always include timezone
  • Enum support for facets on items
  • 1948: js: Pod meta-data not available in js
  • 2059: Ordered map is unordered after serialization
  • 2246: Java FFI: ClassFormatError: Illegal class name
  • 2256: Improve Map.make error message
  • 2257: # Comment in Fantom Property Files?
  • 2260: File.copyTo() overwrite func is passed the wrong file
  • 2265: Deprecated enum values
  • 2270: Wrapper object refs not immutable
  • 2325: document.querySelectorAll() in dom::Doc

SlimerDude Thu 8 Jan 2015

Wow - Congratulations!

And thank you for all the hard work!

LightDye Mon 28 Dec 2015

Hi Brian, Andy, the current version of Fantom (1.0.67) is nearly 1 year old. I had a brief look at the repository and I saw pages and pages of commits done throughout the year. I'm wondering if you guys have decided on a release date for the new version. I'm pretty sure that there are heaps of useful changes there, waiting for being released.

andy Mon 28 Dec 2015

Planning on one soon (have been waiting for dom/domkit dust to settle a bit)

LightDye Mon 28 Mar 2016

H Andy, Brian, I'm just wondering how is Fantom's build 1.0.68 progressing. Would you mind giving us an ETA or an update, please?

andy Tue 29 Mar 2016

Probably looking at sometime in May

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